Action Bolts And Nuts Sdn Bhd
32, Jalan Tiaj 2/1,
Taman Industri Alam Jaya,
42300 Bandar Puncak Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
+603-6038 9328
+6016-217 5573
+603-6038 8328


A2 Contact Washer




A2 Ext OverlapLock Washer


A2 Ext Tooth Lock Washer


A2 Flat Washer


A2 Int Overlap Lock Washer


A2 Int Tooth Lock Washer


A2 One Tougue Washer


A2 Ribbed Lock Washer


A2 Spring Washer - JIS

A2 Spring Washer - DIN127-B


A2 Square Washer


A2 Two Tongue Washer


A4 Ext Overlap Lock Washer


A4 Ext Tooth Lock Washer


A4 Flat Washer


A4 Int Overlap Lock Washer


A4 Int Tooth Lock Washer


A4 Spring Washer




Bonded Washer


Brass Flat Washer


Bronze Spring Washer


Conical Washer


Contact Washer - ZP


Copper Flat Washer


CSK Overlap Lock Washer - Black Oxide


Disc Washers


Ext Overlap Lock Washer - Black Oxide

Ext Overlap Lock Washer - Zink Plating


Ext Tooth Lock Washer - Zink Plating

Ext Tooth Lock Washer - Black Oxide


Fiber Washer


Harden Washer - F436M

Harden Washer - F436

Harden Washer - F436 - BO

Harden Washer - DIN125

Int Overlap Lock Washer - BO

Int Overlap Lock Washer - ZP


Int Tooth Lock Washer - ZP

Int Tooth Lock Washer - BO


MS Cup Washer - NP


MS Flat Washer - R3

MS Flat Washer - Nickel Plating

MS Flat Washer - HDG

MS Flat Washer - Black Zink

MS Square Washer


Neoprene Washer


NYLON Flat Washer


Ribbed Lock Washer


Serration Washer


Shim Washer - SC


Spring Washer - ZP

Spring Washer - R3

Spring Washer - HDG

Spring Washer - BOI

Square Washer


Steel Bonded Washer


Bonded Washers - Stainless Steel

A2 Bonded Washer


MS Taper Washer - JIS

MS Taper Washer - DIN435-I

MS Taper Washer - DIN434-U


Wave Washers


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